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Public Notice of availability of unallocated water

Water Regulation 2002 section 5B

  1. Purpose

    Notice is hereby given under section 5B of the Water Regulation 2002 that the Chief Executive for the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (the department) proposes to sell unallocated water under the Water Resource (Fitzroy Basin) Plan 2011 and Fitzroy Basin Resource Operations Plan 2014.      

  2. Volume and location of water available

    A total of up to 50 250 megalitres of general reserve unallocated ground water and surface water is being made available by tender from particular release areas in the Water Resource (Fitzroy Basin) Plan 2011area, as set out in the Terms of Sale. Maps of groundwater and surface water release areas are      provided in the Terms of Sale.    

  3. Purpose for which the water is available and type of water entitlement

    The purpose for which water is being released is for agriculture or any. Tender eligibility requirements and restrictions on the purpose for which water is being made available are set out in the Terms of Sale. Water available through this tender process will be granted to successful tenderers, subject      to the Terms of Sale, as water licences under the Water Act 2000.    

  4. Inspection of the Terms of Sale

    Copies of the ‘Release of Unallocated Water in the Fitzroy Basin—Terms of Sale’ can be inspected or downloaded from the department’s website at    

  5. Tender period and close of tenders
    Those wanting to take part in the tender must complete and send to the department via email, or by registered post, the Tender Application Form and response to the evaluation criteria.  All forms are included in the Terms of Sale which may be downloaded from the Unallocated Water page on the  department’s website at

Tenders must:

  1. be received no later than 5pm  23 February 2017:
  2. include the Tender Application Form and response to evaluation criteria as set out in the Terms of Sale;  
  3. be emailed to or
  4. be sent by registered post in a labelled and sealed envelope to the below address  
    Private and Confidential
    Tender for Water in the Fitzroy Basin
    Attention: Chief Executive
    Department of Natural Resources and Mines
    Water Services Central Region
    PO Box 1762

    Rockhampton QLD 4700
  1. Public information sessions

    The department will be holding public information sessions to provide information about this tender process. Information about these sessions can be found on the Fitzroy Basin water resource planning page at    

  2. Addenda

    The department may amend the information in this public notice prior to the close of tenders.  If an amendment is required, an amended notice will be published on the department’s website at    

  3. Enquiries

Further enquiries should be directed to:

Water Services        

Department of Natural Resources and Mines        

By phone: (07)  48373470

By email:

Dated this 2 December 2016

Darren Moor
Executive Director
Department of Natural Resources and Mines
Authorised delegate of the chief executive under the Water Act Delegation (No 1) 2015


Last updated: 1 December 2016

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