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Supporting projects

Funding has been set aside for supporting projects—to provide irrigators with resources to help make choices regarding their water use efficiency.

  • Results of these and previous studies are in the reports section. More information about the projects is available by contacting the HHWUE project team.

Benchmarking of centre pivot and lateral move systems

This project compares the performance of centre pivot and lateral move (CPLM) irrigation systems in different locations within the Queensland Murray–Darling Basin.

We have contracted WaterBiz Pty Ltd to evaluate seasonal water use for a range of CPLM systems to demonstrate the differences in performance and potential water savings.

The data will help irrigators using surface irrigation to compare their current water use and system performance, providing more confidence and enabling them to make more informed decisions regarding water in their business.


We will cover the cost for irrigators to attend the following courses:

  • irrigation performance, scheduling and monitoring
  • centre pivot and lateral move systems
  • fertigation.

The courses are delivered by Growcom for the HHWUE project. Training is run when interest in the course has been received from at least six participants.

In addition, the department periodically holds workshops and field walks in the Queensland Murray–Darling Basin. These events give participants the opportunity to see complete funded projects or access information on topics of interest.

Water monitoring network

This project will test technologies installed on two properties through the HHWUE infrastructure funding program.

The testing, to be conducted by WaterBiz Pty Ltd, will demonstrate the productivity and water use benefits of water flow management practices and application uniformity technology.

Consultant support

The department has contracted the National Centre of Engineering in Agriculture (NCEA) to provide complementary training, access and user support in online irrigation tools for selected consultants. The irrigation tools form the Knowledge Management System for Irrigation. The department is funding eight individuals for access to the system to help provide greater resources for the irrigation industry.


Last updated: 6 November 2013

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