Simtars: sharing our stories at QMIHSC

The theme for this year’s Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference is ‘Sharing my story’ and Simtars staff have some great stories to share. Three of our staff are presenting at the conference in addition to 7 other Department of Natural Resources and Mines staff.

The Simtars team will share a range of stories – observations from a lifetime in coal, what the data tells us about keeping contract workers safe, and in the 13th anniversary year after the Moura No.2 disaster – the ongoing work of Task-Group-4 in emergency response.

Make sure you plan your conference well, visit the QMIHSC website for more information and the program.

Simtars is delighted to have 3 of our team presenting at this years' Queensland Mining Industry Health and Safety Conference.

Learning from the past

Nikky LaBranche

Simtars Principal Mining Engineer, Nikky LaBranche is coordinator of the reconvened Task Group 4 (TG4) Working Party, a group originally established following the Wardens Inquiry into the Moura No.2 mining disaster of 1994, to review self-escape and aided rescue.

In her presentation at QMIHSC, Nikky will outline the history behind TG4 being established, its updated scope, achievements to date, future developments, and learnings from past Level 1 exercises.

Twenty-three years later, Nikky will share the learnings from the inquiry, and how it has shaped the present approach to mine emergency response at 1.50pm Tuesday 8 August in the Southport room 2.

A lifetime in coal

Martin Watkinson

Simtars Executive Mining Engineer, Martin Watkinson has over 40 years' experience working in coal mines around the globe. He's seen the rise and fall of markets, changes in technology and welcomed the stronger focus on workers'; health and safety.

Martin's career spans his early days in the United Kingdom's National Coal Board as a mining engineering trainee in the North Yorkshire area, work as an international mining consultant in India, China, Vietnam, Tanzania and Siberia, and more recently operational coal mines in Australia.

In the last decade he's applied this wealth of experience to improving mine health and safety through his work at Simtars, where he develops and manages the execution of research projects and technical investigations in mining safety and health, and provides mining engineering consultancy services with regard to safety and health. Martin also chairs the Level 1 Emergency Response Exercise and is project lead for the installation of integrated U/G gas monitoring systems.

Come along and listen to Martin share his observations from a lifetime in coal at QMIHSC 2.20pm Tuesday 8 August in the Southport room 2.

Keeping the contract workforce safer

Dominque Nelson

Simtars Senior Environmental Scientist, Dominque Nelson researched the data to understand whether contractors have a higher association with particular injuries in specific settings.

In her presentation at QMIHSC, she'll unpack her findings and offer up some valuable insights and tactics to help managers improve the safety of their sites for all workers.

Her findings highlight the need for more diligent and detailed data on employment and incidents. She will also outline the need for communication and procedures to be improved between the contract and employee workforce to enable collection of better safety data and outcomes.

Dominique will present at 4.50pm Tuesday 8 August in the Southport room 3.

The 2017 QMIHSC conference is going to be a wonderful opportunity to reflect on some challenging times, learn from experiences and take those into a safer and healthier future for our industry. We look forward to seeing you there.