Mine safety journal shines a light on Simtars’ emergency response services

Simtars is delighted to feature in the winter 2017 edition of the Australasian Mine Safety Journal (AMSJ). The publication has a full length feature on our services, with a particular focus on our emergency response capabilities, preventative services and developments.

Emergency response

Our emergency response capability can deploy quickly, with personnel and the mobile gas laboratory on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The Simtars emergency response team supports Queensland Mines Inspectorate investigations—we formed part of the emergency response to the Moura No. 4 mine disaster in 1986 and Moura No. 2 mine explosion in 1994. We were also the first to offer international assistance for New Zealand’s Pike River mine disaster in 2010, with 20 of our staff rostered on in the months following the disaster.

Simtars mobile gas laboratory

Support for mine safety

In addition to emergency response services, we offer support to help mines to keep their sites safe, with services like gas monitoring and alert systems, and the annual Level 1 Emergency Exercise.

Our proprietary Safegas/CAMGAS software provides mines with 24 hour gas monitoring support and interpretation. The system monitors and generates real-time alarms in the event of potentially hazardous changes to gas concentration—enabling us to pre-emptively mitigate and prevent incidents. Our CAMGAS system also allows mine site operators to use gas chromatographs—work that would normally be the domain of experienced gas chemists.

Simtars plans and coordinates the annual Queensland Level 1 Emergency Exercise—a practical, on-site simulated emergency scenario—to test a range of emergency systems and the capability of external emergency responders, to hone response preparedness in Queensland.

The exercise has provided valuable learnings that have resulted in enhancements to emergency response, such as the development of:

  • the Queensland Mines Rescue Service Mine Emergency Management System (MEMS)—a system based on the Incident Control System used by Queensland emergency services
  • a wider adoption of the use of compressed air breathing apparatus.

Embracing new technology

Simtars commitment to improve safety for mine workers means we also embrace new technology.

For example, Simtars has recently conducted research on navigational-aid technology for vehicles to enable movement in low visibility conditions with high smoke and dust.

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