2017 EK Healy

This year’s EK Healy Competition was held at the Queensland Mines Rescue Service (QMRS) Dysart Rescue Station. A number of scenarios were presented to the rescue teams, ranging from firefighting to underground simulations in a series of connected shipping containers.

The Simtars mobile laboratory was on site and was used to monitor the gas products from the mine inertisation unit (MIU). The MIU is based on a Polish jet fighter engine which produces 20-25 m3/s of inert gases and water vapour. It was formerly known as the GAG. Simtars gas chemists, Lauren Forrester and William Valo, achieved this by using the onboard tube bundle system and gas chromatograph.

The reports were fed back to QMRS to enable the fine-tuning of the running of the MIU to obtain the lowest oxygen with the least amount of unwanted gases.

The winning team was from Kestrel Coal Mine. The top 4 teams will represent Queensland at the national competition at Narrabri in October 2017. In an interesting twist, one team member was taken from each team to make up a team called the X-men. This team came 5th in a real life situation. Mines rescue teams will be deployed as a composite team.

Simtars mobile gas laboratory

Mines rescue teams at Dysart Rescue Station