Simtars attends the 2017 Coal Operators Conference

The 2017 Coal Operators Conference (COAL 2017) was held in Wollongong on 8-10 February 2017, with over 100 industry delegates in attendance.

As Professor Naj Aziz from the University of Wollongong stated, the conference has been a unique platform for professionals from the coal industry, consultants, universities and research organisations to gather and discuss various issues of importance. The topics presented addressed a variety of issues related to the current mining needs and challenges, which were innovative and technically challenging and generated thought provoking discussions. Coal 2017 attracted 41 papers mainly from Australia as well as from other countries.

Three papers were presented by Simtars, including new advances in mine site gas analysis using micro-gas chromatographs (Lauren Forrester, Yet-Hong Li and Inga Usher); underground coal mine gas monitoring emergency preparation (Larry Ryan and Martin Watkinson); and a review of oxygen deficiency requirements for Graham’s ratio, presented by Sean Muller, Snezana Bajic and Jeremy Hollyer.

Inga Usher presenting at Coal 2017

Larry Ryan presenting at Coal 2017

Snezana Bajic presenting at Coal 2017