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QSIC activities

QSIC's collaboration with industry through their advisory and working groups is fundamental in achieving QSIC's mission to provide a forum to facilitate the promotion, co-ordination and open access to Queensland's spatial information.

Spatial advice

The QSIC Spatial Advisory Group:

  • reviews, maintains and publishes Queensland's spatial information standards and frameworks
  • provides expert advice on specific spatial issues and facilitates new QSIC initiatives
  • encourages the use of QSIC standards and frameworks in the capture, storage and maintenance of spatial data.

The Spatial Advisory Group also promotes access to Queensland's foundation spatial data through the Queensland Spatial Catalogue - QSpatial—a Queensland Government service that provides public access to spatial and associated data.

Roads and addressing

QSIC focuses on awareness and promotion of the use of correct location addressing.

In partnership with QSIC, the Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) is improving how addressing information is collected, maintained, stored and validated.

Email to learn more about roads or addressing.

QSIC has developed the Queensland Location Addressing Management Framework to define a common approach to the creation, management and use of location address data in Queensland. The framework is targeted at state agencies and local governments in Queensland.

The State Digital Road Network (SDRN) is fundamental to the information management operations of most Queensland Government agencies. Access the QSIC Digital Road Network Standard.

The QSIC Roads and Addressing Working Group meet to discuss:

  • data updates
  • data quality
  • proposed enhancements or changes to the data
  • awareness and use of the SDRN.

These activities ensure continuity of a state wide digital road network for State Government users.

Foundation spatial data

QSIC develops and maintains the Foundation Spatial Data Framework for Queensland. Foundation spatial data contain the basic spatial layers required by most users which are generally not derived from other spatial layers. The Queensland framework aligns closely with the national framework – ANZLIC National Foundation Spatial Data Framework.

Open data

Queensland Government collects, generates and uses data to deliver real benefits to the community and the economy. So that all Queenslanders can benefit from and make use of government data, we have released as much of it as possible, free for use by anyone. It proves the core of spatial information released under Queensland's open data policy.

Email for more information about foundation spatial data.

Spatial imagery

DNRM coordinates spatial imagery acquisition projects for government and industry use. These projects are funded by a subscription plan which is managed by the department for the acquisition and distribution of imagery.

QSIC provides support to the Spatial Imagery Working Group which operates as a forum for spatial imagery users to discuss the use of spatial imagery in Queensland and provide input into spatial imagery policies, acquisition program and management strategies.

Email for more information on spatial imagery acquisition.


To obtain a copy of any of the latest QSIC working group meeting minutes, contact the QSIC Office.

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Last updated: 13 September 2016

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