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  • A search for 'Clare' will include results for 'Clare' and 'Claremont Rock'.
  • A search for 'Moon' will include results for 'Moons Hill' and 'Moonjaree'. However a search for '*moon' will also return results for 'Goongoomoonee' and 'Killymoon'.
  • Enter 'mt' as 'mount' (e.g. 'Mount Barney').
  • Enter 'pt' as 'point' (e.g. 'Point Lookout')
  • Enter 'saint' as 'st' (e.g. 'St George') or as 'saint' (e.g. 'Saint Smith Range').

When there are multiple instances of a place in a small area this icon A map cluster icon showing the number four will appear. Zooming in will reveal these clustered results. Clicking on the icon will zoom in to that area.

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