Queensland Government native title work procedures

The procedures are used by the Queensland Government to ensure its dealings are valid with respect to native title. They should be applied in alphabetical order - stop once you reach a module that applies to your dealing. If you are new to native title assessment, make sure you read the introduction first.

New decision tools to streamline processes

Use the decision tools in the table below to streamline your assessment - they will step you through a series of questions and indicate whether or not the module applies.

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Native title work procedures modules Decision tool Module version
Introduction (PDF, 1.6MB)  v1
Chapter 1 - First considerations
Module AA (PDF, 145.1KB) - Identification of your proposed dealing and the proposed dealing area   

Module AB (PDF, 135.1KB) - Dealings that may proceed without further reference to native title

Module AC (PDF, 401.1KB) - Is there an Indigenous Land Use Agreement that covers your proposed dealing?

Module AD (PDF, 286.5KB) - What does it mean if there is a native title determination over the proposed dealing area?

Decision tool - AB-AD v1
Chapter 2 - Exclusive tenures
Module BA (PDF, 350.9KB) - Previous grants and vestings of exclusive possession Decision tool - BA v1
Module BB (PDF, 162.4KB) - Can the extinguishing effect of the PEPA be relied upon to address native title for my proposed dealing?   v1
Chapter 3 - Use
Module CA (PDF, 276.0KB) - Public works
See Module CA resources
Decision tool - CA v1
Module CB (PDF, 754.4KB) - State road policy Decision tool - CB v1
Chapter 4 - This chapter is now incorporated into Module BA
Chapter 5 - Future acts
Module F (PDF, 352.6KB) - Protection for future acts arising from a non-claimant application Decision tool - F v1
Module GB (PDF, 167.4KB) - Acts permitting primary production activities on non-exclusive agricultural leases and non-exclusive pastoral leases Decision tool - GB v1
Module GD (PDF, 151.8KB) - Future acts permitting off-farm activities that are directly connected to primary production activities Decision tool - GD v1
Module GE (PDF, 145.4KB) - Granting rights to take timber and quarry materials on non-exclusive pastoral leases and non-exclusive agricultural leases Decision tool - GE v1
Module H (PDF, 189.1KB) - Management or regulation of surface and subterranean water, living aquatic resources and airspace Decision tool - H v1
Module IB (PDF, 148.7KB) - Pre-existing right-based acts (PERBAs) Decision tool - IB v1
Module IC (PDF, 180.7KB) - Renewals, regrants, extensions of the term of a lease, licence, permit or authority Decision tool - IC v1
Module JAA (PDF, 299.2KB) - Public housing and certain government infrastructure on Indigenous land
See Module JAA resources
Module J (PDF, 191.9KB) - Dealings on continuing pre-Wik reservation and leases Decision tool - J v1
Module K (PDF, 234.2KB) - Facilities for services to the public Decision tool - K v1
Module L (PDF, 138.6KB) - Low-impact future acts Decision tool - L v1
Module M&N (PDF, 246.9KB) - Future acts at the end of the batting order Decision tool - M&N v1
Module O (PDF, 115.8KB) - Your proposed future act is not covered by the preceding modules - how can it be done validly   v1
Chapter 6 - RTNs, ILUAs and non-claimant applications
Module P (PDF, 92.4KB) - Future acts that attract the Right to Negotiate process   v1
Module Q (PDF, 140.6KB) - Using Indigenous Land Use Agreements to achieve consent for your future act
See Module Q resources
Module R (PDF, 150.1KB) - Non-claimant applications   v1
Chapter 7 - Forms and templates
Annexure 7.1 (PDF, 226.4KB)
Annexure 7.1 (DOCX, 239.1KB)
Native title assessment form
Annexure 7.2 (PDF, 185.2KB) - Notification and opportunity to comment process for certain future acts   v1

Annexure 7.3 (PDF, 265.0KB)
Annexure 7.3 (DOCX, 167.2KB)
Future act notification templates, samples

Annexure 7.9 (PDF, 370.8KB) - Entering data in to QNTIME for research boundaries and research items   v1
Annexure 7.10 (PDF, 218.1KB) - Requesting conclusions for research items in QNTIME   v1
Chapter 8 - Miscellaneous
Annexure 8.1 (PDF, 146.7KB) - Glossary of terms   v1
Annexure 8.2 (PDF, 134.6KB) - Delegations and responsibilities   v1
Annexure 8.3 (PDF, 142.4KB) - Supporting documentation for native title assessments   v1
Annexure 8.4 (PDF, 153.5KB) - Queensland Native Title Representative Bodies and areas   v1
Annexure 8.5 (PDF, 259.0KB) - Consideration of comments and submissions in response to future act notifications   v1

Module CA resources

Module JAA resources

Module Q resources

Last updated: 12 October 2017

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