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Repairs to in-stream dams, weirs and gravity diversions

In-stream structures and works such as dams, weirs and gravity diversions require a water licence under the Water Act 2000 and may also require development approval under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Unauthorised in-stream works cannot be repaired or replaced. Contact your local business centre for further advice.

Minor damage

Damage to authorised dams, weirs and gravity diversion pipelines and channels may be repaired provided the specifications and conditions of the current water licence and development approval (if required) are met. The repairs must not change what was previously approved. No development approval is needed for minor repairs.

Major damage or replacement

The reconstruction or replacement of original infrastructure due to flood damage may require development approval. Contact your local business centre for further advice on whether or not approval is required.

Impacts on fish passages

Any barriers in a watercourse that interfere with fish passage will require approval under the Fisheries Act 1994. For more information, contact the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. You may also need to apply for a development permit.

Applying for a development permit

Assessable development requires approval from the State Assessment and Referral Agency.

You will require a development permit before you can begin work on assessable development.

If you are planning works and need information about assessable, self-assessable and exempt development, contact the Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning.


Last updated: 28 March 2017

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