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Primary production land values reflect improved confidence

8 March 2017

Queensland’s Valuer-General Neil Bray said the valuations reflected land values on 1 October 2016 and echoed the improved confidence conditions that surrounded the rural land market during 2016.

“Continued high commodity prices within the beef industry and continued low interest rates are driving this confidence, even though the majority of the State remains drought declared,” Mr Bray said.

“However, it is expected that potential purchasers will remain cautious for some time until there is an improvement in the current weather conditions.

“Increases in rural values are generally occurring throughout the majority of local authorities being revalued across Queensland with sales across Croydon and Carpentaria shires and Balonne Shire Council having generally shown significant increases.

“Generally, moderate increases occurred in the grazing areas of Whitsunday Regional Council, throughout Cassowary Coast Regional Council, Barcaldine Regional Council, Blackall-Tambo Regional Council, Rockhampton Regional Council, Livingstone Shire Council, Gladstone Regional Council, Goondiwindi Regional Council, Western Downs Regional Council, Southern Downs Regional Council and Maranoa Regional Council and in the larger grazing areas of Mareeba Shire and Tablelands Regional Council.

“Minor increases occurred in Central Highlands Regional Council, Bundaberg Regional Council, North Burnett Regional Council, the Kilcoy area of Somerset Regional Council and parts of Gympie Regional Council, while the sugar cane markets of Mackay and Whitsunday regional councils remained static.

“Significant reviews of all rural valuations have been undertaken within the Balonne Shire and the western area of Goondiwindi Regional Council to improve relativity between valuations.

“These market based reviews have resulted in varied changes to valuations being issued.

“It is important to note that sales of rural land purchased by resource companies for the purpose of mining or other extractive industries are not used to determine statutory land values of rural land.”

For the 2017 valuation, the local government areas with a large rural component are Balonne, Barcaldine, Blackall-Tambo, Bundaberg, Carpentaria, Cassowary Coast, Central Highlands, Croydon, Gladstone, Goondiwindi, Gympie, Livingstone, Mackay, Maranoa, Mareeba, Moreton Bay, North Burnett, Rockhampton, Somerset, Southern Downs, Tablelands, Western Downs and Whitsunday.

Mr Bray said landowners could access online the very latest land valuations information.

“The Land Valuations on Queensland Globe gives landowners access to detailed valuation information allowing users to search for a property or pan the map to areas of interest and zoom down to individual property level,” he said.

“Landowners can access the Land Valuations Globe on the Land Valuations website –

“Landowners can also have future valuation notices and other valuation information sent to them by email by visiting the Land Valuations website or calling 1300 664 217.”

Mr Bray said it was important that landowners realised that valuation notices were not rates notices.

“Rates are set by local governments under the Local Government Act 2009 or the City of Brisbane Act 2010 when they determine their annual budgets,” he said.

“They are based on a number of factors – valuations are only one of those factors.”

Mr Bray said landowners who believed their valuation was incorrect, and could provide information to support this, could lodge their objection on the DNRM website or at the address shown at the top of their valuation notice by 8 May 2017.

“Landowners without internet access can get an objection kit that includes a step-by-step guide by phoning 1300 664 217” he said.

“The list of Queensland’s statutory land valuations for 2017 can be viewed on  the Land Valuations website until 6 June 2017 – allowing landowners to compare their valuations with others in their area.

“Hard copies of the valuation list can be viewed at Department of Natural Resources and Mines business centres and local government offices during normal business hours until close of business on 6 June 2017.

“A rural sales map for larger rural shires is available online and at selected locations to assist landowners.”

For more information, including a searchable list of Queensland’s land valuations for this year and valuation maps, visit or call 1300 664 217.

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Media releases specific to the local government areas being revalued are available on the Department of Natural Resources and Mines website –

Table 1: Total values of primary production land by local government area

Local Government Area Previous date of valuation Total value as at previous date of valuation ($ millions) Total value as at 1/10/2016 ($ millions) Total value change (%)
Balonne Shire 1/10/2014   313 416 32.6
Barcaldine Regional 1/10/2013 391 470 20.3
Blackall Tambo Regional 1/10/2013 263 315 19.8
Brisbane City 1/10/2015 96 101 4.4
Bundaberg Regional 1/10/2013 443 489 10.3
Carpentaria Shire 1/10/2013 102 130 27.3
Cassowary Coast Regional 1/10/2014 268 335 25.1
Central Highlands Regional 1/10/2015 1489 1638 10.0
Croydon Shire 1/10/2013 21 40 88.7
Gladstone Regional 1/10/2015 185 231 24.8
Gold Coast City 1/10/2015 124 125 0.4
Goondiwindi Regional 1/10/2013 460 568 23.4
Gympie Regional 1/10/2014 463 492 6.4
Ipswich City 1/10/2014 197 199 1.2
Livingstone Shire 1/10/2014 217 271 25.0
Logan City 1/10/2014 115 128 10.8
Mackay Regional 1/10/2015 389 388 -0.4
Maranoa Regional 1/10/2014 934 1161 24.3
Mareeba Shire 1/10/2013 302 323 6.7
Moreton Bay Regional 1/10/2015 357 357 0.0
North Burnett Regional 1/10/2013 527 574 8.9
Rockhampton Regional 1/10/2014 215 268 24.4
Somerset Regional 1/10/2013 659 664 0.8
Southern Downs Regional 1/10/2014 406 484 19.1
Tablelands Regional 1/10/2013 568 634 11.8
Townsville City 1/10/2014 82 82 0.0
Western Downs Regional 1/10/2015 1684 1933 14.8
Whitsunday Regional 1/10/2015 436 493 12.9

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Last updated: 17 March 2017

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