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Land transactions and information systems: Removal of parish and county


We are responsible for the administration of land-related matters and record information about land in our information systems. Our land information systems use a Lot on plan reference to record information about land parcels.

When each survey plan is approved and registered, it becomes part of the relevant land register. The plan has a unique number, and each lot on it has a unique number for that plan. The register uses the Lot on plan reference (e.g. Lot 7 on SP234567) to record details about ownership and other interests.

Parish and county removal

As the Lot on plan reference is unique, it is not necessary to use references to the parish and county in which the land lies. The inclusion of parish and county on forms for land transactions, and the maintenance of these records in information systems, has been an unnecessary cost.

On 30 November 2015, parish and county information was removed from a number of our land information systems, including the Digital Cadastral Database (DCDB) – a computerised map of property boundaries and related description of all land parcels in Queensland.

From that date, forms that are submitted to us for land-related matters are not required to supply the parish and county of the relevant land parcel.

We will retain a record of parishes and counties for historical purposes. The Museum of Lands, Mapping and Surveying provides historical information about parishes and counties. The historical parish directory is available online.

How this change affects you

If you submit information or forms to us, you are not required to supply parish and county information.

If you obtain information or products from us, either the information does not contain parish and county details, or the parish and county fields contain the words 'no longer used'.


This improvement removed redundant information, strengthened the use of 1 unique identifier for each land parcel and should have minimal impact on land-related matters..

Products and services affected

Digital Cadastral Database

  • In data downloaded or supplied from the DCDB via QSpatial, parish and county fields contain the value 'no longer used'.
  • Clients who receive incremental updates will have received an update for each parcel.


Changes for titles products and services include titles searches, titles forms, titles data and xml titles searches.

For updated information about titles, refer to our Titles Registry alerts.

Titles searches

  • County and parish fields will not appear on titles searches or certificates of title.
  • Field shown electronically in eEnquiries for state and local government users will contain the value 'no longer used'.

Titles forms

New versions of titles forms will no longer include parish and county fields. However forms that still contain parish and county fields can continue to be used in the short term. The parish and county fields should be left blank.

Titles data

Specific advice will be provided to clients who obtain data extracts from Automated Titles System (ATS).

XML title searches

XML title searches supplied to brokers in the dEnquiries web service will list both parish and county with the value 'no longer used'.


Changes for surveying products and services include survey plans and 1 survey form.

For updated information about surveying, refer to our Surveying alerts.

Survey plans (for freehold and state land)

  • Parish and county are not required on paper or eSurvey plans.
  • In certain circumstances, parish information will be required for original portion allocations. This will be addressed in a future Surveying alert.

Survey forms

Parish and county will not be mandatory for the survey control form: Permanent survey mark plan (Form 6).


SmartMaps, from the DCDB, will show the values for parish and county as 'no longer used', until these fields are removed from SmartMaps.


  • County is not included in valuations data and products.
  • Parish will not appear on current valuation data, including on valuation notices  to landholders.
  • Parish information will still appear on historical valuation products (e.g. property sales).

Place names

Place names datasets will continue to contain records for each parish and county.

Other documents and contracts

For other forms and documents such as sale contracts, where parish and county are requested, it is suggested that the words 'not applicable' be inserted.

Contact us

For more information, contact the relevant business area listed below, or email

Titles: email
State land: email
Valuations: email
Spatial information (DCDB, SmartMaps): email


Last updated: 2 March 2016

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