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The Department of Natural Resources and Mines and the Department of Energy and Water Supply have been combined to create the new Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy.

We will continue to update this website while we work on our new website.

Diversity and our community responsibility

We are committed to delivering our services in a socially responsible way that benefits the community we serve. This includes creating a diverse and inclusive workforce and taking an environmentally responsible approach to waste management.

Diversity and inclusion strategy

Our aim is to make DNRME a great place to work for everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity or disability. Our commitment includes creating a workforce that represents the community we serve and an environment where our people feel valued and safe, and have an equal opportunity to succeed.

Gender equality

Our different viewpoints, ideas and insights enable better problem solving and a gender-diverse workforce allows us to better serve our diverse customer base.

We support gender equality through a range of programs and events, including flexible working arrangements, family-friendly leave options and leadership programs.

White Ribbon accreditation

We are a White Ribbon Accredited Workplace. We achieved accreditation in November 2017, in recognition of the active steps taken to recognise, prevent, respond and support staff affected by domestic and family violence.

White Ribbon Accreditation is about everyone feeling safe and supported in the workplace. We will continue to maintain our White Ribbon Accreditation to ensure we have a workplace that promotes a respectful, safe and inclusive culture. Respect is something we all want and deserve, and as a guiding principle we are committed to raising awareness and stamping out domestic and family violence.

Watch Bill Date, Chief Inspector Petroleum and Gas, speak about his role and DNRME becoming a White Ribbon Accredited workplace.

Gender and sexual diversity

We value the diversity of our workforce and strive to ensure our gender and sexually diverse - lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, queer or any number of other orientations or identities (LGBTIQ+) - employees feel safe and valued with equal opportunity to succeed.

We are dedicated to creating an inclusive and respectful workplace culture, free of prejudice and discrimination, where all individual perspectives, skills and talents are embraced and encouraged, and employees come to work feeling confident and comfortable being their whole selves.

People with a disability

Our Disability service plan (PDF, 177.2KB) seeks to ensure people with a disability have access to the same department services, information and facilities that are available to the broader community and details the actions we will be undertaking to improve this access.

The plan also acknowledges the right of people with a disability to participate as equitably as others, bringing to the department a set of unique skills, experiences, perspectives and knowledge.

Our plan contributes to the strategies and actions of the Queensland all ability plan.

Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders

We are committed to creating a culturally capable workplace where we value the diverse knowledge, skills, history, traditions and cultures of Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders and seek to maximise their employment and career development opportunities.

We recognise that many Aboriginal people and Torres Strait Islanders have considerable knowledge of land, natural resources and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, and that this knowledge should be properly and fairly recognised in the employment and career development process.

People from a non-English speaking background

Valuing diversity can help to enhance employee engagement by demonstrating that we understand and respect different cultures. Increasing the representation of people from a non-English speaking background will ensure we are able to attract the most highly talented people, regardless of their background.

The Queensland Government is developing a new multicultural policy and action plan. This will help deliver on the Queensland Government’s commitment to promote our state as a united, harmonious and inclusive community and foster an environment of opportunity for people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Waste reduction and recycling

Our waste reduction and recycling plan explains our strategy for improving our waste management by reducing waste production and increasing waste recycling.

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Last updated: 19 January 2018

The Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is an economic development agency that enables the productive and responsible use of our natural resources – water, land, mineral and energy resources – to generate wealth and prosperity for current and future generations of Queenslanders.

A proud White Ribbon Accredited Workplace, in recognition of the active steps taken to recognise, prevent, respond and support staff affected by domestic and family violence. We are committed to creating a safe, inclusive and respectful workplace.

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