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Queensland Murray-Darling Basin

The Murray–Darling Basin is home to Australia's most significant river system, and covers parts of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, and the Australian Capital Territory.

The Queensland Murray–Darling Basin (QMDB) comprises the Border Rivers, Moonie, Condamine and Balonne, Nebine, Warrego, and Paroo catchments.

Along with the Commonwealth government, we are working to manage the water resources of the QMDB in a way that best meets social, economic and environmental needs.

What's new

  • The Murray–Darling Basin Authority released a draft strategy for managing environmental water to meet the environmental objectives in the Basin Plan. Public comment is sought by 26 September 2014 and is due to be finalised in November 2014.
  • Round 7 of the Healthy Headwaters water use efficiency project is open for applications from July until December 2014. In this round, application periods close monthly and applicants will be notified within a month.
  • The Commonwealth have announced a water purchase tender round for the Queensland Lower Balonne running from 20 September to 30 October 2014.

Murray–Darling Basin Plan

The Murray–Darling Basin Plan (Basin Plan) provides a framework to manage the water resources of the basin, and sets out reductions in water diversions for basin catchments

The Basin Plan requires Basin States to undertake monitoring and reporting as well as prepare Commonwealth-accredited water resource plans. Read about Queensland's role in the plan and how our State water resource plans will be reviewed and updated by 2019.

Water recovery

To bridge the gap between the current level of water diversions and the levels set out in the Basin Plan, the Commonwealth is running water recovery programs to return water to the environment. Read about water recovery in the QMDB

Community engagement

Queensland established local groups during the preparation phase of the Basin Plan to build on the stakeholder consultation undertaken by the Murray–Darling Basin Authority. This ensured Queensland communities were heard, and will continue to be heard during the implementation phase.

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Last updated: 10 October 2014

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