Natural resources and mines data

We are committed to the Queensland Government's open data initiative.

Our open data strategy details our data assessment processes and identifies data planned for release and the release schedule. Data is available in a variety of standard formats.

Data is also available from our other specialist data sources.

Open data portal

Our data, available from the open data portal, includes over 90 datasets, which cover the range of our activities and responsibilities. You can search for resources in the data portal by theme, topic or department name.


Data is updated at varying frequencies, including:

  • fortnightly (e.g. titles activity)
  • monthly (e.g. coal statistics)
  • annually (e.g. corporate reporting).

Specialist data sources

Other data we collect, generate and release relates to specialist fields and is made available in industry standard formats.

These sources include:

Queensland Globe

The Queensland Globe allows users to view and explore Queensland maps, imagery and other specialist data inside the Google Earthâ„¢ application.

Queensland Spatial Catalogue

The Queensland Spatial Catalogue includes geographic datasets, databases, models, map images and map services.

Interactive resource and tenure maps (IRTM)

Interactive resource and tenure maps (IRTM) provide access to geological, exploration and mining data.

Queensland Digital Exploration Reports (QDEX)

Queensland Digital Exploration Reports (QDEX) includes company exploration reports including exploration permits, mineral development licenses and petroleum tenure.

Water monitoring data portal

The Water monitoring data portal hydrographic data includes the latest stream height and stream flow values, groundwater levels, historic stream flow data and water monitoring network sites.

Enquiries and feedback

For all enquiries regarding our open data strategy or to provide feedback please contact

Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License 

Unless otherwise indicated, the data is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia License.

Last updated 17 December 2013

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