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About us

The Department of Natural Resources and Mines (DNRM) is an economic development agency that enables the productive and responsible use of our natural resources – water, land, mineral and energy resources – to generate wealth and prosperity for current and future generations of Queenslanders.

We are providing a customer-focused and modernised natural resources business that will power-up regional Queensland and grow our four pillar economy.

Over the next three to five years we will focus our energy and effort in three key areas:

  1. Power-up regional Queensland and the economy
  2. Customer-focused design and delivery of services
  3. Be the best natural resources agency in Australia

DNRM has four service areas:

  • Land Services
  • Water Services
  • Mine Safety and Health Services
  • Mining and Petroleum Services.

The Minister for Natural Resources and Mines is the Honourable Andrew Cripps MP, and the Assistant Minister for Natural Resources and Mines is Mr Seath Holwich MP.

Last updated 6 June 2014

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