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ResourcesQ is a Queensland Government initiative to drive growth and jobs in Queensland's resources sector.

Driving growth and jobs in Queensland’s resources sector

Government and industry have entered into a partnership to ensure Queensland is a global destination of choice for investment in resources sector activities

The CSIRO UQ foresight study identifies five megatrends to impact the resources sector over the next 30 years

Industry leaders and supply chain industry leaders discussed megatrends and the vision and action plan at workshops in February and April

Workshops held in the key resource regions of Mt Isa, Cairns, Gladstone, Roma and Emerald provided a valuable on-the-ground perspective

The long-term vision and action plan will drive modernisation and generate a strong, competitive and agile resources sector

Developing a 30-year vision and action plan to ensure Queensland continues to be a global resource destination



Last updated 22 July 2014

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