Title searches and copies of documents

Ownership and other interests (e.g. mortgages, leases and easements) in property in Queensland are recorded in the state’s electronic Automated Titles System.

Current title search

To obtain the current particulars for a lot of land or water allocation, request a current title search.

Historical information

To obtain historical information, request a:

  • historical title search for a record of all interests registered against the lot since 24 April 1994
  • historical paper-title search to obtain an image of the historical title in existence prior to 24 April 1994.

Products and prices

The cost given below is the regulated fee charged by the Titles Registry. The fees of approved online distributors may differ.

Product Description Cost
Current title search Current particulars in the Titles Register of the ownership and proprietorship of a lot of land or water allocation. Includes the details of the lot or allocation, the name/s of the owner/s, tenancy and details of any easements, encumbrances or interests $16.45
Historical title search (since April 1994) Details of all interests recorded against a lot or water allocation since 24 April 1994 (after electronic records began) $24.15
Historical paper-title search
(before April 1994)
Image of paper certificate of title or deed of grant in existence before 24 April 1994 (before electronic records began) $16.45
Survey plans Image of a survey plan showing location, dimensions and area of a parcel of land $16.45
Title documents Image of documents such as transfers, mortgages, easements, powers of attorney and caveats $31.95
Searches of other registers Searches of other registers including leasehold land; unallocated stateland; powers of attorney; reserves; licences and permits; state housing leases; foreign ownership of land; register under part 18 of the Property Law Act 1974; Harbour Board leases; water allocations; and plantation licences Contact us
Research service Investigative search of the register by an officer of the department. Please contact us for more information $61.20 for each hour or part of an hour

How to obtain searches and documents

Online distributors

Contact one of the following approved online distributors (fees will vary). You may need to register and provide credit card details.

Phone: 1800 773 773

GlobalX Information
Phone: 1300 362 585

Infotrack Pty Limited
Phone: 1800 738 524

RP Data
Phone: (07) 3114 9999

SAI Global Property Division
Phone: (03) 9278 1171

Phone: 1300 921 621

By phone or in person

Contact us on 3405 6900 or 13 QGOV (13 74 68), or visit one of our business centres.

If ordering over the phone, please have your credit card details ready. Documents ordered over the phone cannot be emailed. There is an additional fee for posting or faxing documents. Online distributors do not charge this additional fee.

When requesting title searches from us, you need to provide the property’s lot on plan description. This can be obtained online from the Queensland Globe or from a rates notice.

When requesting a document or a plan of survey, you must provide the dealing number of the document or the SP/RP/BUP/GTP number of the plan of survey. This can be obtained from a current title search or a rates notice.

Last updated 10 December 2013

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