Titles Registry activity data


Dataset Description Update frequency
Current fortnight lodgements (CSV, 1.8KB) Total lodgements broken down by document type and place lodged, including e-lodgement, current fortnight  Fortnightly
Fortnightly lodgement by type (CSV, 4.5KB) Monthly totals for transfers, mortgages, discharges/releases and survey plans lodged, July 2008– Fortnightly
Fortnightly total lodgements (CSV, 5.9KB) Monthly totals of all documents lodged, July 2000– Fortnightly
Daily average lodgements (CSV, 2.3KB) Average daily total number of documents lodged (monthly basis), January 2000– Monthly
Monthly summary of activity (CSV, 7.2KB) Monthly totals for lodgement of transfers and mortgages, registration of survey plans, title searches, images of documents provided and new lots created, January 2000– Monthly

Graphs of Titles Registry activity

Last updated 6 November 2013

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