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Titles and property

Land title practice manual

Required practice and procedures for preparing and lodging Titles Registry forms.

Title searches and copies of documents

Order title searches, copies of survey plans and other documents.

Titles Registry forms

Approved forms for lodging Titles Registry dealings.

Fee calculator

Calculate lodgement fees.

Dealing status search

Track the current status of your dealings.

Titles Registry alerts

Subscribe to receive alerts.

Guides to common registry transactions

Topics: transfers, name changes, death of joint tenant, release of mortgage, power of attorney, appointment of an administrator, cancel or dispense with certificate of title, separate title request, caveats.

Survey and plan requirements

Topics: surveying standards, forms, Registrar of Titles directions for the preparation of plans.

Electronic lodgement and conveyancing

Topics: eLodgement, national electronic conveyancing, online distributors.

Titles Registry contacts

Details for Titles Registry enquiries.

Last updated 19 August 2014

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